The California Association of Veteran Service Agencies (CAVSA) is pleased to share the results from our statewide survey “Veteran-serving providers Speak: Challenges, Adaptations, and Resilience During the Pandemic”. Please find the complete survey results below, as well as the companion brief that surveyed CAVSA member agencies only.

We asked veteran-serving agencies across the State of California:

  • How their agencies are responding to the pandemic or have adapted veteran services due to pandemic risks and protocols
  • Their greatest needs
  • How CAVSA and legislators can best help

Our survey shows that Veteran serving agencies have worked diligently to make difficult, but necessary adjustments to continue to serve clients during the pandemic. As the pandemic drags on and as funding sources potentially dry up, more will be needed to help these agencies and their staff maintain safe, quality services. Suggestions from respondents are included in this brief and a set of recommendations are included at the end.

CAVSA Statewide Pandemic Survey Results

CAVSA Member Agency Pandemic Survey Results