CAVSA, Veterans Day 2018

2018 marks the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I, and this Veterans Day we celebrate the service and sacrifice of the men and women who shipped off to Europe to help our allies in “the war to end all wars”. That war, as every war before and since, produces casualties far beyond the battlefield. Many soldiers bring the war back home with them. In that war it was called “Shell Shock”, what today we would call Post Traumatic Stress.

Returning WWI soldiers faced the same reintegration challenges as do our returning servicemen and women today. They needed jobs, and homes and healthcare. One of the shameful incidents after the war was the Bonus March on Washington by 20,000 veterans that had to demonstrate in order to receive their entitled bonus.

CAVSA was started so this kind of neglect would never happen again. Our agencies up and down California are here to make sure that housing and services are available to veterans of all wars. Our seven agencies are building new permanent supportive housing, expanding the availability of mental health services and helping veterans find employment.

We are now engaged in America’s longest war and our men and women warriors by the thousands are returning to California. They are ready to contribute their experience and leadership to our communities but some of them will need a hand up. We will continue to expand our services and housing according to the need, and advocate in Sacramento to make sure our State honors our obligation to serve ”those who have borne the battle”.